Storytelling on Steroids – 10 Stories that Hijacked the Pop Culture Conversation

von John Weich

BIS, 2013

As if out of nowhere, storytelling has become pop culture’s favorite buzzword, and the communication industry’s ‘weapon’ of choice. Whether adman or marketing executive, PR agent or trend watcher, storytelling is the go-to tool for brands and businesses to connect, engage and ultimately convince.

In Storytelling on Steroids, editor and adman John Weich finds out why. Where did all this storytelling come from? Why are so many creative professionals suddenly so eager to spread the storytelling gospel? And who blazed the trail for an Age of Storytelling?

In his compact, fast-moving book, Weich explores the iconic brands, cultural movements and social technologies that have contributed most to storytelling’s rise in mainstream creativity and communication. Along the way he calls out countless pop culture darlings to make his case—Batman, Banksy, Tomb Raider, TED Talks, Radiohead, Jay-Z, BMW, to name but a few—and offers up to 15 tips that will inspire you to find your own storytelling voice.